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Monday, March 28, 2011

SingaporeYouthFestival ! (:

Today was really a great great awesome day ! (:
Our SYF was finally over ! We were so relieved & relax !

This morning, we had our make up @ 8am sharp in the MPR.
Having our stretching while waiting for our turn .
Done making up @ around 11am plus.
Performed in the hall and headed to UCC.

Before entering the stage, everyone was really nervous and scared.
We were all praying for God to help us, and also, we promised that we'll give our full our , and we really did !
Mrs Shama & Ms Pearlyn(Teachers In-charge) , Mr Wong(Principal) , Mr Kc(Instructor) were really glad after our performance.

Group A girls really cried @ the last part of our dance !
Slowly, even the group B cried too !
Isn't our emotions and acting great ? Maybe we can be actress someday XD

Everyone were hugging, cried in the arms of each others .
After our ''crying'' , we went to take photos !

Tons of my face was took down. Haha! (So thick skin)
Took pictures @ UCC, went back to school and take again . Hah!

Washed our face and went back home with relieved ! (:

* Pictures will be upload later* Sorry^^

Fish & Co . $59.90{DELAYED}

Here's my dish ! Selmon (:

This is what Peixuan ordered ! $59.90 !
She thought that it's only $9.90 when she look at the menue.
Until the waiter came and put down this dish.
Everyone of us was so shocked ! LOL.

Gordon looks like he's having constipation. ;x
Gordon : Watch how i cook ^^

What a nice amount ! (Y)

Had really fun day on that (:
When up to sbw cc's playgorund .
Play with the left over water .
We were all wet after that.
We were having our fun and laughter playing with the water !